Nobody Cares, Work Harder

via USA Today Sports
via USA Today Sports

Oh you thought this was going to be easy? You thought a #6 AP ranking in the early October meant anything? You thought the Coogs were just going to blow out everyone on our schedule and waltz into another conference title and another playoff bid? Sorry, doesn’t work like that.

College football is the greatest sport because every single game matters. There are no 9-7 champions. One missed tackle, one errant throw, one blocked kick can be the difference between a big time bowl game on New Years Eve and or a lesser tiered bowl game that’s gone through five sponsors in five years.

These Houston Cougars? Not your father’s underdog squad any more. These Coogs beat Florida State and Oklahoma recently and now have a big fat target on their back. Every one of our opponents has the Houston game circled on their calendar and is going to try and knock us off just like Navy did. We’re the alpha dog on the block and everyone is gunning for our spot. Everyone wants to be the next champion.

We took a licking but the season still rolls on. It’s not how you get knocked down but how you get back up. Every rep matters in the weight room and in practice. These players have to ask themselves: How bad do they really want it? Do they really want to repeat as conference champs and to go to another NY6 bowl game? Do they really, really want it, or do they just kinda want it? If they really want it they’ll realize the Coogs are still in the hunt for the division title and they will keep pushing on going 1-0 each week. That’s what that slogan means. The Navy game is done.. it’s time to focus on Tulsa who’s 4-1 and undefeated in conference play if you haven’t noticed. But if they just kinda want it, but don’t want it that bad, then we’re in for a long season because Tulsa, Memphis, and Louisville are all chomping at the bit to assert their dominance. Not to mention SMU, Tulane, and UCF all have first or second year coaches who could really use a win over Houston to keep them off the hot seat. If we win all the rest of our conference games and Navy loses two conference games then Houston will return to the AAC title game.

And us fans? We gotta ask ourselves the same question: How bad do we want it? Do we really want Houston to be considered one of the best college football programs in the country, the next TCU or Louisville? Do we really want to have the best gameday experience in the G5? Do we really want Coach Herman to stay? If we do we’ll show Herman and the coaching staff that we’re here to support the program through thick and thin and we’re here to show up in full force every Saturday. Nobody respects the city of Houston’s sports scene: They think we’re fair weather and front runners. Now’s the chance to prove them wrong. I don’t care how much Herman thinks Houston is the next Miami, if TDECU isn’t sold out then it’s our own fault if he leaves. The players feed off our energy and if we’re apathetic and the stadium isn’t full then the players’ performance will reflect that.

No excuses because nobody cares. Just work harder.

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  1. I’ll be there every game. I’m a Beliver not a leaver. I stay till the end whether we are winning or loosing. To many fans worry more about beating the traffic then supporting their team. Go Coogs….

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