CardiacCoogs crew on the news + video of Coog fans celebrating Cincy win

The CardiacCoogs crew live on the news at Calhoun’s Rooftop before the Houston-Cincy game

The CardiacCoogs crew has to hold down the fort for the football program while the team is at away games. Us Coog fanatics were out in full force at Calhoun’s Rooftop on the UH campus for the official watch party, just in time to get featured live on the local news. Notice how the reporter mentioned the Coogs are well on their way to having a Power Five fanbase and luckily everyone proved how true that is with our rowdy Coog spirit!

Next, be sure to watch this video of Calhoun’s erupting as the Coogs sealed the victory over the Bearcats. No apologies for me not being able to keep the camera from shaking as the bar got a little nuts!