Could Tom Herman run for political office one day?

Coach Herman looking presidential. via Univ. of Houston

College Football News recently ranked the 16 college football coaches who’d make the best presidential candidates on day. Houston coach Tom Herman came in at #14 and here’s what CFN had to say:

Looking for a fresh face on the political scene? Herman could be that guy. He’s only 40 years old, with the energy and the innovations to meet the demands of a rapidly changing society. Think Julian Castro or Marco Rubio before the latter was taken down a rung during the current primary season. Everything Herman has touched lately has turned to gold, a quality that the nation’s governing bodies sorely need these days.

I could certainly see it happening one day; here’s how I think it would all play out: Coach Herman stays at Houston for 10-15 years and in the process gets the Coogs in a power conference and delivers a couple national championships. Instead of bolting for the NFL, Herman runs for governor of Texas leading the state to heights economically and culturally nobody ever thought was possible. After successfully building a wall to keep out Oklahomans (hey, those Okies sure aren’t sending their best and brightest), Herman’s popularity across the state is soaring like a touchdown pass from Greg Ward to Chance Allen.

Tom Herman with the Texas flag. via David Bassity.

Running in the national election, Herman is elected president as the entire country is united behind the man with the diamond grill. After his victory speech on election night, President Herman leaves to head to the White House in the first presidential limousine with swangaz poking out.

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