New housing for UH students coming to Scott and Elgin

Another student housing complex near the University of Houston is being planned for the corner of Scott and Elgin at the edge of the UH campus and next to the Elgin/Third Ward stop on the purple Metro light rail line. The development will reportedly have 130 units, a pool, a fitness area, and retail space.

As the university student body increases in size and administrators push for an increasing number of students living on campus, it’s almost inevitable that many long-time residents of the neighboring Third Ward community may be displaced. This Houston Public Media article shows mixed reactions from the community, with one resident of the area hoping more students will lead to an increased police presence in the neighborhood.

In addition to the potential for local residents to be displaced as the university expands, many local businesses have already moved out. A UH bookstore used to be in the current (and soon-to-be-demolished) strip center at Scott & Elgin as well as several food businesses, including a popular Vietnamese shop, Hoàng Sandwich.

It’s hard to see locals getting displaced but if the new developments can bring some much needed restaurants and grocery stores to the neighborhood the community may end up better off in the long run.

More on the development here
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