CFN thinks Houston and Cincinnati are the best candidates for the Big 12

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College Football News ranked the top 10 potential candidates for the Big 12 should they decide to expand. Cincinnati and Houston top the list. Here’s their quote on Houston:

Is it really possible? For the fans, yes, for the Big 12 presidents, not so much. There are two ways to look at this.

1) The Big 12 already owns Texas with Texas, Texas Tech, Baylor and TCU, and with Oklahoma and Oklahoma State close enough neighbors to form a quick and clean six-team division. The state is already carved up enough in the recruiting world, and it already has the TV markets it needs – the Big 12 brand isn’t improved nationally by bringing on Houston. Or …

2) The Big 12 no longer has a monopoly on the state with Texas A&M now a part of the SEC and with LSU and Arkansas creeping in for recruits and attention. There are only 165 miles between Austin and Houston – Houston is still going to be into the Longhorns – but this is a big school with a large alumni base.

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3 thoughts on “CFN thinks Houston and Cincinnati are the best candidates for the Big 12

  1. I know that the Big 12 has been a goal of Houston’s since they were left out in the 90’s. Personally I have to wonder if it wasn’t a blessing in disguise to be rid of UT and their dictatorial methods of dealing with conference mates and others. Frankly, right now the Big12 is a mess. No conference TV network and little chance of putting one together (see UT). Then, there are the quiet rumblings of a coup about to take place with OU President David Boren starting to get more vocal in opposing UT’s dominance. Could it be that OU will get tired of this foolishness and, like A&M, CU, Neb and UM leave? And take OSU with them? And maybe even Tech? How much of a stretch would it be to see WVU leaving for the ACC? If that happens, is a Big12 with UT, the Kansas’s, ISU and a bunch of private schools (albite awesome ones) a conference worth being in? Houston is already in a conference that was once considered a “power”. Would a move to a depleted Big12 be more of a lateral move than not? I think it’s clear that as long as there is a four team playoff, a system with five so called “power conferences” will not last. One of the current P5‘s will break apart and it probably won’t be the weaker ACC. If the last two years have taught us anything, it is that a conference without a championship game will not get a playoff spot unless it’s for a “big name” program i.e. OU or probably UT.
    Right now the UofH has a pretty sweet deal. A fertile recruiting ground and a fairly easy path to a New Years Six Bowl. Maybe even an outside chance at a playoff spot. I have to wonder if the best option, at least for now, is to take the more difficult path and work to build up our current conference to the status it once enjoyed as a “power” conference. I believe that at some point in time there will be a “Power 4“. I think that a discussion of whether we have a better chance of being included in it as a member of a depleted Big12 or an up and coming AAC is a discussion worth having.

  2. Being a U of H alum, I would prefer seeing the Coogs playing the Longhorns, Bears, Horned Frogs, Red Raiders, Sooners, Cowboys, etc annually than their current foes.

    1. Charles, I think that pretty much every Houston fan or Alum would want the old SWC to come back together. Those were glorious times. Great rivalries and you could drive to almost every game.
      What I’m suggesting though is that without a severe attitude adjustment on the part of Texas, the Big12 we all wish for is not going to happen. There are many reasons for this but, the elephant in the room is The Longhorn Network. That in itself is a big time stumbling block. The Big 12 is the only “power 5” without it’s own network. A Big12 network won’t happen along side of the LHN.
      The Big12 has already lost four major members and, as I’ve stated, it’s only a matter of time before before as many as four more major members leave as well. What’s left after that is not anybody’s dream conference.

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