Coach Herman believes the path to a NY6 bowl game or the College Football Playoff is easier at Houston than at most schools

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Houston Coach Tom Herman firmly believes in the Houston Cougars football program. Herman told The Audible, the Fox Sports college football podcast, about his future at Houston:

“I was very honest with the kids (recruits) when they asked,” Herman said. “The answer was simple: I firmly believe that, the way the system is set up now, in terms of the playoff and New Year’s Six — our conference has separated itself from the other non-Power 5 conferences — if you win the American Athletic Conference, you’re going to a New Year’s Six bowl game. We’re talking Rose Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, Cotton Bowl. If you win our conference, you’re going to that game.

“We feel we’ve got as good of a chance with anybody. I say that because it would take something extremely, extremely extraordinary for me to leave that situation. I firmly believe the path to a New Year’s Six bowl game or the College Football Playoff is easier here than most Power 5 schools, to be honest with you.”

I discussed Houston’s playoff chances here a few weeks ago and I’m glad to see that Coach Herman is thinking similarly. The American is a much better conference than many people realize and the Coogs have a much easier path to a New Year’s Six bowl game than they would in most conferences. Also, there a decent chance that they could sneak into the College Football Playoffs in the near future.

Also, it seems like Herman may in fact stay here at Houston a lot longer than all of the armchair critics ever thought.