CardiacCoogs seeks fans who want to write about the Coogs

via Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports has been growing leaps and bounds since launching January 2015. In a few short months after launching this blog became the largest fan blog covering University of Houston athletics. Now that this site has gotten as big as it has, I’m looking for fans who can help me write about the Coogs. Below is a brief Q&A where I’ll provide more info:

Q: How often would I need to write?

A: I’m looking for people who are able to write weekly about the Coogs, or at least every other week during the football offseason.

Q: What if I want to submit stories but I can’t write that often.

A: I have posted articles from guests in the past and I’m open to having additional guest posters. My primary focus is having people help write about the Coogs on a consistent basis, but if you have any one-off story ideas, feel free to contact me even if you can’t write frequently.

Q: What sports are you looking to cover?

A: Ideally I’m looking to increase coverage of Houston basketball and baseball and any other non-football sport. Though, if you want to cover Houston football as well or be football-only, that’s not a problem.

Q: Are these positions paid?

A: Short answer: No. I don’t currently generate any revenue from this website, I simply do everything for fun to promote the university. Long Answer: As this site grows in traffic it may open doors to advertisers and/or sponsorships. If that happens then there’s potential for writers to get paid.

Q: What type of content are you looking for?

A: It can be a mix of short, medium, and longform. I’m not looking to be a “breaking news” website as much as one centralized location where UH fans can get caught-up on all the latest news. Not everyone spends their whole day on Twitter and Facebook so it’s nice to find the news in one place.

Q: Are you trying to compete with the newspapers and sports journalists?

A: No. Beatwriters like Joseph Duarte and Anthony Oppermann do a tremendous job at what they do. I’m simply trying to provide Houston Cougars coverage from a fan’s perspective and to give context about news stories.

Q: Who would be a good fit?

A: Anyone who has an irrational obsession with the Houston Cougars. Also, this would be a good way to grow your writing portfolio if you look to write professionally in the future about any topic.

Q: What if I write for another website/publication?

A: That’s not a problem at all! If you write about the Coogs for someone else but you’re looking for another place to write, I’m happy to help! Nothing needs to be exclusive.

Q: How do I apply?

A: Simply shoot me an email at: weston(at)cardiaccoogs(dot)com with the subject “Case Keenum is my spirit animal” so I know you’re thorough and you’ve read this far. Be sure to let me know your availability. Also, send me any writing samples if you’ve got em… it can even be from a personal blog. 🙂