Tom Herman delivers epic beatdown to troll radio hosts

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CBS Houston and 610 radio host John Lopez have continued to prove their lack of quality journalism. CBS Houston reported first back on November 29th that Tom Herman was “One-And-Done for Herman at UH” stating that Herman had already agreed to replace Mark Richt as Georgia’s head coach. Their only “source” apparently was a bogus Georgia “insider” Twitter account with very few followers and published the story instead of actually vetting the story before hitting publish. The headline and body of the story have since been edited after being published once Herman announced he had signed an extension at Houston, with no mention or apology for being completely wrong.

John Lopez of 610 Houston radio then wrote a story  [image via @d_d_bass] on December 13th on CBS Houston claiming former Texas A&M quarterback was in Houston meeting with Herman and a member of his staff. The truth is Herman and Allen had spoken on the phone but Allen was back home in Arizona when the call took place. More on Allen’s side of the story here.

Herman took offense to the erroneous report and released a statement to the media:

Herman and John Lopez spoke privately on the phone last night and Herman agreed to join John Lopez and his co-host today on the radio. Lopez publicly released a statement but didn’t apologize and said, My report was accurate from the start. During this morning’s radio interview, after initially being cordial things quickly devolved when it was clear Lopez was standing by his report [Listen to the interview here.]

I’m not going to dive in to what I think about either side’s arguments; I’ll simply let you readers decide for yourselves. I do think all of this could’ve been avoided if Lopez would’ve apologized for the facts he got wrong, but that’s completely up to him how he wants to handle things.

A Statement on Media Ethics

I do my best to be honest and objective while covering the Coogs and if I ever do anything to hurt the program or print incorrect information, I hope Herman and/or his staff let me know so I can correct the information. I’m not a journalist but have the highest level of respect for those who are (like Joseph Duarte & Anthony Oppermann). I’m simply a hardcore fan doing his best to keep other fans informed about the Coogs.

If I ever write anything that’s a rumor or speculation I promise to continue to do my best to let readers know what is a fact and what isn’t. And if I get a story wrong, I’ll do my best to apologize to my readers. An example of this is my incorrect story about Doug Meacham taking the North Texas job: I updated the headline and original article enough so readers can see what I got wrong and noted when the article was edited.

Edited to Add: Michelle Herman just added another smackdown on Twitter, lmao:

One thought on “Tom Herman delivers epic beatdown to troll radio hosts

  1. Wow, this is unbelievable! This truly exposes the absurdity of most sports talk radio today. Nick even admits he’s not a journalist. These guys love being provocative, no matter whether what they are reporting is true. They are trying to keep pace with Dan Patrick and other national talk show hosts are essentially professional smartasses, and not nearly as intelligent about sports as they think they are.

    Herman nailed both of them when he asked how many practices they had attended, and why they didn’t just pick up the phone and call him.

    So glad Herman smacked him down at the end with “absolutely not” to Nick’s offer for lunch, right after insulting his radio guest.

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