Five star recruit Kyle Allen will transfer to Houston

Kyle Allen, a five star recruit from the 2014 class will transfer to the Houston Cougars from the Texas A&M Aggies. Allen will have to sit out the 2016 where he will be able to learn from soon-to-be senior Greg Ward Jr. Allen was the 10th best player overall and #1 ranked qb in the 2014 class.

Welcome aboard Kyle!

3 thoughts on “Five star recruit Kyle Allen will transfer to Houston

    1. Well, Postma has the benefit of experience leading the Cougars to the comeback against Memphis. He’s likely to be Ward’s backup in 2016 while Allen has to sit out. If he looks good, there’s no telling how the depth chart will look in 2017. Anything is possible, I mean, who even thought we’d have too many quarterbacks a year ago?

  1. You can’t have too many QB’s for sure. You’ve got to have a solid backup that can win and Postma has proven he can get the job done. Just hope he doesn’t get discouraged now. I saw Allen play several times this season and he looked okay, but I truly think Postma is a better all around player right now.

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