Unsung hero: Houston backup quarterback Kyle Postma

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Late in the fourth quarter of the Peach Bowl the Coogs were trying to hold on to their lead when starting quarterback Greg Ward Jr. took a nasty hit and had to leave the game for a few plays. Houston backup quarterback Kyle Postma had to step in to help keep the Coogs in the lead.

Previous backup quarterback Adam Schulz tore his ACL earlier in the season during Houston’s win over Texas State. After having been moved from wide receiver a few days earlier, Postma was quickly moved back to the backup qb role to replace the injured Schulz. During the heated matchup against conference rival Memphis, Postma would be forced into the game when starter Ward Jr. went down with an injury. The third string quarterback from Kyle, Texas would be a key component in save the Coogs’ season, leading the team to a comeback victory after being down 20-0. Without Postma’s performance the Peach Bowl victory likely would’ve never happened.

Unlike the ineffective Seminole backup, Postma successfully helped the Coogs for a few plays in the Peach Bowl before Ward Jr. ultimately returned and the Coogs held on for the historic 38-24 win.

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  1. Man, I love this guy! I sure hope he is not tempted to transfer and will be content to stick around as the starter for his senior season!

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