Cougar Dolls show why Houston girls have the most swag

Cougar Dolls at 2015 Spring Game

What happens when one takes a trip from Houston Screwston, Texas and travels to Atlanta Traplanta, Georgia? If the University of Houston’s Cougar Dolls are any indication, the gray tapes are put aside for some 100% dirty south trap music:

That’s some high quality dabbin ladies! And in case some of you readers don’t know ’bout the dabbin, here’s some Migos to get you up to speed:

I’m still pissed the Peach Bowl didn’t have the Migos doing the halftime show (with the Spirit of Houston band doing the background music of course). Oh well, at least we’ve still got a Trap Symphony to hold us over until the Peach Bowl next year!

And don’t think that the ladies of Cullen Boulevard are the only ones with swagger, rapper Plies tweeted out his respect for the Coogs football team for getting turnt on the sideline and field before each kickoff:

Hey Coach Herman, what do you think of coaching at the Trillest school in the Trillest city in the world?