Houston-Navy was second-highest rated game in Houston last weekend and outdrew every Big 12 matchup

via Houston Athletics

So much for the Big 12 already having the Houston market on lock. The Houston Chronicle has recently released the ratings for last weekend’s college football matchups in the Houston market. Not only did the Houston Cougars beat out every Big 12 team, there was only one game that had better ratings… the Alabama-Auburn game. Full ratings below (UH game and Big 12 games in bold):

Alabama-Auburn, Ch. 11, 6.9
Navy-Houston, Ch. 13, 6.1
Ohio State-Michigan, Ch. 13, 5.7
Oklahoma-Oklahoma State, Ch. 13, 4.2
Iowa-Nebraska, Ch. 13, 3.5
Notre Dame-Stanford, Ch. 26, 3.3
Texas Tech-Texas, FS1, 3.1
UCLA-USC, Ch. 13, 2.3
Penn State-Michigan State, ESPN, 2.0
Missouri-Arkansas, Ch. 11, 1.9.
Clemson-South Carolina, ESPN, 1.8
Florida State-Florida, ESPN, 1.4
Washington State-Washington, Ch. 26, 1.2
Mississippi-Mississippi State, ESPN2, 0.5
Georgia-Georgia Tech, ESPN2, 0.4
Southern-Grambling, NBCSN, 0.3
Oregon State-Oregon, FS1, 0.3
Iowa State-West Virginia, FS1, 0.3
Kansas State-Kansas, FS1, 0.3
Tulsa-Tulane, ESPNU, 0.3.

Looks to me like the Big 12 is getting their butts whooped in the Houston market.

[Note: Ratings are not available for all networks, including the SEC Network, Longhorn Network and CBS College Sports, and for ESPN3.com games.] Full Chronicle story here.