Case Keenum will lead Rams to Super Bowl victory and force team to stay in St. Louis

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Case Keenum is taking over the St. Louis Rams starting quarterback job for the recently benched Nick Foles. CardiacCoogs believes the former University of Houston star will turn around the 4-5 Rams, leading the team to an improbable turnaround which will ultimately result in a victory in Super Bowl 50. Case Keenum has all of the makings of being Kurt Warner 2.0: He was also an undrafted QB coming out of college and has Warner-levels of moxie and fearlessness on the field.

After winning the Super Bowl, the evil billionaire Stan Kroenke’s small heart will grow three sizes that day and ultimately will decide not to move the Rams out of his home state of Missouri, becoming a local hero in the process.

Ultimately there will be an ESPN 30 for 30 special made on “The Case for St. Louis” and it will eventually be turned into a Disney movie. Somehow I feel like former University of Houston student and current actor Dennis Quaid would be perfect for the role of an aging Kurt Warner, mentoring young Case towards glory. Who would play the movie’s villain, the shadowy and aloof Stan Kroenke? Maybe Paul Giamatti with a bad toupee? [Leave a comment if you have better casting ideas!]

This has to happen, the city of St. Louis deserves to have a professional football team and Case Keenum is the perfect man to ignite the team and force the team to stay in The Lou.

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