The American is showing why college football needs a six team playoff

A 2014 six team playoff proposal. via Athlon Sports

The early successes of the American Athletic Conference this season leads me to think that the perfect solution for the College Football Playoff is to expand to six teams, instead of the current four. Here’s how I think it could work:

In spite of all of the rumors that the five major conferences will end up as four super conferences, each with sixteen teams, I think we’ll have five Power 5 conferences for at least another decade. A six team playoff would help solve a lot of the problems we last season with the Big 12 not being represented. If the playoffs are expanded to six teams, five of the playoff spots can go to the five conference champions. In a six team playoff the top two teams would be given a first round bye just like in the NFL.

The sixth playoff spot should be then guaranteed to an undefeated Group of Five team. If there isn’t one, then give the sixth spot to the best team that isn’t a conference champion. Since there wasn’t an undefeated G5 champion in 2014 the final spot would’ve gone to either TCU or Baylor (whichever didn’t get the automatic bid).

This season Houston, Memphis, and Temple from The American and Toledo from the MAC would currently be in the running for the sixth playoff spot. If all of them end up with a loss on their record than the final spot get’s chosen by the playoff committee.

In conclusion: This would give the Group of 5 an honest shot at the playoffs, give all five Power Five conferences automatic bids, and would give us two more playoff games to watch.

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