Coogs have SMU jerseys taped to the floor for motivation

via Joseph Duarte

Houston Chronicle beatwriter noticed there are SMU jerseys on the floor of Houston football facilities this week in anticipation of the rivalry week matchup tomorrow night. Coog players can walk over the jerseys in disrespect.

Video of the jerseys on the floor:

It reminds me of that old school Trina music video filmed at Warren Sapp’s house. Sapp has a Favre jersey on the ground and Trina walked in and wipes her feet on the jersey:

Love that disrespect! Be sure to check out our game preview here!

[Big thanks to Joseph Duarte for letting me use the photo and video]

2 thoughts on “Coogs have SMU jerseys taped to the floor for motivation

  1. Ok, if this is going to be set up as a rivalry, fine. “Bragging rights to Texas in the AAC!” Fine. I’ll go with it.
    But to be honest I have a deeper grudge with Cincinatti going all the way back to the Dana Dimmel days when they ended up being the 1 team we could have beaten in that winless season, but they had to go and not lose. Selfish punks.
    Or Tulane. Not because they’re ever any good, but because of all the times I went to New Orleans and never managed to make it to the game. I blame them. Not the rum. Totally their fault. (Also, I never bought tickets, but whatever. New Orleans is fun!)
    But, fine. If we’re going to shoehorn a rivalry onto the SMU game, let’s go ahead and shoehorn it in. That way this game will at least mean something and won’t be overlooked.

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