Houston Cougars vs Popped Collar University – A preview

Typical SMU fan

Let’s see who’s on the schedule for this Saturday. Oh, sweet fancy moses, it’s the stupid SMU Mustangs, from the land of infinite pretension and unwarranted arrogance. Let’s take another look at what typical SMU fans look like:

via ESPN

Yup, d-bag central. This school is filled with the kind of people born into million dollar trust funds and who’ll turn around screaming about how anyone who hasn’t already made it super rich is lazy. I mean, the number one tourist attraction in the whole Dallas Metroplex is a damn mall! Come visit Austin for Barton Springs, San Antonio for the Alamo, Houston for the museums, and Dallas to buy overpriced crap from Neiman Marcus .

SMU is filled with kids from the Dallas suburbs who threw up racist signs while they were in high school:

A high school basketball game in the Dallas suburb Flower Mound

Local Dallas sportscaster Dale Hansen famously said this type of racism is learned from the parents, meaning it’s been going on for generations… not just some momentary lapse of judgement. Racism is as normal in these north Dallas suburbs as mosquitoes are to Houston.

These kids then spread their virulent racism from their suburban communities and country clubs to college campuses across the country. I mean, you have to be a certain kind of fucked up to make Oklahoma so embarrassed they have to expel you from campus.

Let’s just let Oklahoma annex Dallas, it’s pretty much all South Oklahoma anyway:

A damn good looking map

Ok, at least a school full of this much pretension must have some famous alumni to back up their swagger. Let me do some quick digging to find out…

AGGGGHHHH!!!! Run for the hills! It’s Craig James! The asshat king of all helicopter parents who got the most beloved football coach in all of West Texas fired and then had the stones to actually think he could be a US Senator. YOU DON’T GET A WINNING FOOTBALL COACH IN THE STATE OF TEXAS FIRED AND THEN GET ELECTED TO THE SENATE! Let’s see how well that worked out for Mr. James:

As Craig James has become better known he’s just gotten more and more unpopular. Only 14% of voters see him favorably to 32% with a negative opinion. Even among SMU fans he had literally zero support on this poll. [Source]

Holy shit you people are tone-deaf. James scraped together four percent of the vote in that election. Boy that went SWELL wouldn’t you say? “The more people get to know him the less they like him.”  Good grief.

Thursday’s Matchup

This Thursday night, the SMU Mustangs (1-4) travel to the bayou city to take on the Houston Cougars (4-0) for a 7pm matchup that will be on ESPN2. Come support the Coogs, the soul of the great state of Texas depends on it. Click here for the CoogFans detailed game preview.

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  1. Hey man, I know SMU sucks and everything, but you don’t have to put all of Dallas on blast. I grew up in DFW and went to school at UH, go coogs and cowboys….please don’t lynch me.

      1. Yeah, I know. At least we can agree, fuck SMU and EAT EM UP COOGS. Hope we break the top 25 this weekend.

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