Coogs getting lots of love from the national media

The Houston Cougars made a huge statement with last Saturday’s 34-31 win at Louisville. The Cougars entered the game as 12 1/2 point underdogs and shocked the Cardinals on their home turf. The national media has picked up on the Coog hype train and is showing our school lots of love.

The University of Houston has been under-appreciated for many years and Coog fans, students, and alumni have had to deal with massive amounts of trash talk from other schools, particularly our former rivals after the collapse of the SWC in the mid-nineties. A lot has changed in the two decades since the Cougars were left out in the cold when the Big 8 expanded to 12. The university is now in a much better position both academically and athletically and is now gaining national relevance. For once, there’s a growing feeling that the school may be staying relevant for quite a while.

Check out these stories from national writers from across the web:

• openly wonders if Houston will overtake the Texas Longhorns in the state of Texas.

• USA Today discusses Houston’s growing national reputation.

• ESPN college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit says UH put on one of the best performances on the football field last weekend.

• Pat Forde of Yahoo Sports notes the Coogs may be here to stay for a while.

• Bruce Feldman of Fox Sports notes he predicted Houston would be the top Group of 5 school in the offseason and isn’t surprised at all about the Cougars early success.

[In case you don’t know: Herbstreit, Forde, and Feldman are three of the most respected college football journalists in the country.]

• Fox 26 in Houston also notices the school’s growing reputation.

One thought on “Coogs getting lots of love from the national media

  1. Coogs just need to follow the coach’s advice. #1-0.

    The staff and players will need to work hard to stay focused, like a laser, on the next game. Everything else will take care of itself.

    The only game that matters is Texas State.

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