College football needs a Group of 5 playoff

via USA Today Sports

College football needs a playoff for the Group of Five teams. Right now the College Football Playoff only takes four teams leaving it very unlikely any of schools from the mid-major Group of 5 schools will be able to receive a playoff invite. Why can’t the top four teams in the G5 have their own playoff?

Let’s see who the G5 conference champions were in 2014 (with their rankings):

• MWC – Boise State – #16
• CUSA – Marshall – #23
• AAC – Memphis – #25
• MAC – Northern Illinois – NR
• Sun Belt – Georgia Southern – NR

We could take the top four teams and make a G5 Playoff just like the bigger playoffs. It would make for great TV and would probably bring a lot more money to the schools. We could even crown the Group of Five champions. Right now Boise State can say, “We’ve won three Fiesta Bowls” which is nice but saying, “We’ve won three Group of Five National Championships” sounds a lot better.

What if the CFP expands to eight schools

If the College Football Playoff expands from four to eight schools, we could have the Group of Five playoffs played before the College Football Playoffs. The G5 Playoffs would be to determine which G5 school gets an automatic spot in the eight-seeded playoffs. This is sort of like the “play-in games” with the NCAA basketball tournament.

Some Changes That May Need To Happen:

Having the G5 Playoffs serve as a play-in to an 8 team CFP would cause football teams to add a lot more games on their schedule. And where would all of the games fit? Here’s some ideas on how to fix some problems:

• Start the season earlier – Why does college football have to kickoff on Labor Day weekend? This season Week 1 could easily be tomorrow (August 29th) instead of September 5th.

Skip the bye weeks, or at least add some consistency – Why do college football teams have such inconsistency in bye weeks? Some teams have had two or even three bye weeks! Check out this article for more info.

Reduce schedules back to eleven regular season games – College teams used to only play eleven games but for some reason expanded to twelve. Reduce the regular season to eleven games to make room for more playoff games.

Closing Thoughts:

These are just some ideas I’ve been playing around with. I’m not sure how feasible everything would be, but I do think that having a Group of Five playoff makes a lot of sense and would be very fun to watch.