If Coog fans want to join a bigger conference, we have to buy season tickets

via UHCougars.com

It’s no secret the Houston Cougars are pushing hard to get membership in one of the major Power 5 conferences (Big 12, Big Ten, SEC, ACC, or Pac 12). I’ve spoken to many sources within the university and in some of the major conferences and one of the biggest question marks about our candidacy is our season ticket base for football and basketball. Not individual tickets but actual season ticket sales. Season ticket sales show fans are committed to a program and the major conferences are watching our season ticket sales numbers very closely. If we can’t sell enough, we’re likely to get passed over.

Football season tickets are only $99! Even if you don’t attend every game, that’s still an awesome deal! If you don’t support the teams or only buy tickets to the big games, then we have nothing to complain about if we get passed over by the bigger conferences remain mired in mediocrity.

We have to support our basketball team too! Coach Sampson has a tremendous track record and we need to pack The Hof and show that we support them too. In addition to football, the major conferences also make a decent amount of money from men’s basketball and if we don’t support them we also may get passed over.

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