Nick Saban is trying to find out how Tom Herman whooped him

The Ohio State Buckeyes beat the Alabama Crimson Tide in the Sugar Bowl back in January. Bama coach Nick Saban, who is arguably the best coach in college football not named Urban Meyer, flew in Former Ohio State offensive coordinator and current Houston head coach Tom Herman to explain to the Crimson Tide what they did wrong. According to Bama DC Kirby Smart:

To better understand how Ohio State attacked the typically stout Alabama defense, head coach Nick Saban brought in Houston head coach and former Ohio State offensive coordinator Tom Herman afterward to break down how he approached attacking the Tide’s defense.

“I’ll tell you the best thing we did, and I give Coach (Nick) Saban a lot credit, we went directly to (Herman). We flew him in. We said “Hey, look, we want to meet with you. You know us better than anybody. You spent four weeks getting ready for us. What’s our tendencies? What do we do wrong? What do you think?’ And he was honest with us, he just told us what he thought. It was very valuable for us.”

Full article here courtesy of Fox Sports.