Charlie Strong wants Longhorns to play more games in Houston. The Cougars would be happy to oblige.

UH vs UT 1977 via Fanbase.

Charlie Strong, the Texas Longhorns head coach, wants the Longhorns to play more games in the city of Houston in the future. As this article points out, the easiest thing might be to schedule the Houston Cougars. Heck, they could add the Coogs to the Big 12 and play in the bayou city every other season. Problem solved! It’d rekindle a very solid rivalry and would still bring out passionate fans even if one school is having a down season.

For all of the critics saying they’d never add Houston because it would help us more than it would help them: Coach Herman and staff are already taking some five and four star recruits without being in the Big 12. This isn’t going to letup any time soon, regardless of the conference the Cougars are in.