In-depth look at Houston Cougars upcoming 2015-16 basketball season

Over at Houston’s Scout page there’s an excellent article previewing the Cougars 2015-16 men’s basketball season. Some interesting nuggets from the article:

“You have a lot of kids that are ‘me, me, I, I’ guys. You have some kids who are meek or mild. You have some that might say the right thing but are very inconsistent with it. So we had all of that to start the season and we had to constantly take our hammer and hit that rock with it every day and though we were losing some games, we felt we were getting better. The losing games didn’t bother me. I’d much rather have a culture established this (past) year than have three or four more wins. At no point did I think we were going to win the conference championship or make the NCAA tournament. That’s not what this year was about. This year was about laying a foundation of which we could build from and that started with our culture, our identity and getting our kids to really buy in, so to me that’s why this was a successful year.”


“We were 13-19 and it was a fantastic voyage with these kids. I got really close with this team because I appreciated where they started and where they ended up and to me that’s what coaching is all about. I’ve had teams that went to the Final 4, the Elite 8, won B12 championships. Those were great accomplishments for those teams but going 13-19, winning four in a row to end the season, everything’s relevant. That was a great accomplishment for this team and it may be more of an accomplishment for this team than for some of those other teams that won 30 games.”

Be sure to read the full article!