Greg Ward working on taking his game to the next level

via Caitlin Hilton/The Cougar

Greg Ward, Jr. started his sophomore year, 2014, at UH playing wide receiver and also saw time on punt return duty. John O’Korn was Houston’s starting quarterback after having an awesome true freshman year in 2013. What a difference a year makes. Houston switched offensive coordinators between 2013 and 2014 and O’Korn hit a sophomore slump under new coordinator Travis Bush. O’Korn would be benched midway through the 2014 season during the UCF and replaced by Ward, who was still returning punts during the UCF game while nearly engineering the Cougars to an epic upset of the defending AAC champs.

Ward would ignite the Cougar offense, helping the team turn things around and finishing a respectable 8-5. Decent, but not good enough for head coach Tony Levine to save his job. Coach Tom Herman was hired in the offseason to help take Ward and the Cougars to the next level.

From a recent article on The Daily Cougar:

“He’s a dynamic dude back there,” Coach Herman said after the spring game. “I’ve coached a few dynamic guys, and I know the defense gets pretty frustrated at times.”


“Greg’s issue is that he’s got to study more and learn to be a quarterback. You can’t just be an athlete taking snaps, running and throwing. You have to be a quarterback — you have to study, lead and know the offense and the defense inside and out. You have to be Tom Brady,” [Coach Tom] Herman said.

Herman compared Ward to highly touted Ohio State quarterback Braxton Miller of Ohio State, a guy that has “grown up his entire life showing up a few minutes before the game starts, laces the cleats up, goes out on the field and (becomes) the best guy out there.”

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