SB Nation’s 2015 Houston football preview: Bringing Ohio State’s success to UH

via Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

The always excellent SB Nation is in the middle of releasing their annual football preview for the 2015 season. Yesterday they published the Houston Cougars preview, which is full of some interesting nuggets:

A hell of a DC hire

David Gibbs’ defense was excellent at creating turnover opportunities. It was also woefully inefficient. And now it must replace its starting line and two of its three best linebackers.

It wouldn’t be smart to expect too much improvement, but Herman made an inspiring hire in Todd Orlando.

Orlando is still a pretty young guy, but he boasts a decade of coordinator experience, first at UConn, then FIU, then Utah State. His six UConn defenses ranked 51st or better in Def. S&P+ (four in the top 40), his first FIU defense ranked 57th (best ever for FIU), and despite turnover, his two USU defense ranked fifth and 32nd. He usually finds results in his first year, and his aggressive 3-4 scheme fits with the Houston personnel he inherits. While USU made plenty of havoc plays, Orlando’s focus in Year 1 will likely be efficiency, even if it comes at the expense of some TFLs and turnovers.

While Houston’s offense always gets the spotlight, the play of the defense under coach Orlando will be a key part to whether the Coogs’ can bounce back and have another 2011-like season. Click here to read the rest of the article.