If UH fans want respect, we need to fill TDECU Stadium

Let’s fill this sucker up! (via CardiacCoogs.com)

UTEP blog MinerRush.com recently released 2015 attendance figures for all of the Group of Five football programs. Group of Five means “mid-major” programs that aren’t members of a Power Five conference. While Houston had some respectable numbers last season, there’s no reason we should be ranked at #10 on the list.

Here’s a list of the top ten G5 programs attendance figures:

1. East Carolina 44,786
2. Central Florida 37,812
3. Fresno St 34,876
4. Memphis 33,581
5. Boise St 32,504
6. San Diego St 32,294
7. South Florida 30,694
8. Cincinnati 28,860
9. UTEP 28,377
10. Houston 28,311

Our beautiful new TDECU Stadium seats 40,000 people, so we need to make sure we move up to #2 on this list! We need to make sure every TDECU game is a sellout. You can’t bitch and moan that UH isn’t in the Big 12 if you don’t show up! See you Saturday, April 18th at the Red and White spring game!

via CardiacCoogs.com
via CardiacCoogs.com