ESPN lists Deontay Greenberry as a top ‘under-the-radar’ draft prospect

via Sarah Glenn / Getty Images

Over at ESPN’s Grantland website, college football expert Holly Anderson has a nice writeup of under-the-radar prospects for this April’s NFL draft. Listed at #7 is our own Deontay Greenberry, a junior wide receiver listed by ESPN as the 21st ranked receiver in this year’s draft class.

From the article:

Who Is He? Once upon a time, halfway through the fourth quarter of this year’s Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl, Pitt led Houston 34-13. Half a quarter of football and 22 Cougars points later, Houston emerged victorious, 35-34. The final touchdown and two-point conversion, both scored by Greenberry, occurred with less than a minute remaining on the clock. Let it never be said that leaving early for the draft meant not leaving it all on the field.

ESPN Says: He’s the 21st-ranked receiver in this year’s class.

Bonus Nonfact: A skilled pedal steel guitar player, Greenberry toured with Robert Earl Keen until the schedule began to interfere with summer workouts, and he still plays top-secret unannounced gigs in out-of-the-way music halls, just to keep the music flowing in his veins.