Thoughts on Tilman Fertitta and the Big 12

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Tilman Fertitta, the chairman of UH’s Board of Regents, said he thinks UH should join the Big 12.  Mr. Fertitta also just so happens to be a billionaire and according to Forbes Magazine is the world’s richest restaurateur. His words carry weight in this city and state, so it’s very interesting he’s getting this vocal.

I’m not going to speculate on whether UH will end up leaving the AAC for the Big 12. What the Big 12 and the Texas politicians do behind closed doors is out of our control. What is in our control is how we are perceived as a fanbase: If we want to make the jump we have to have TDECU Stadium sold out for every game, we have to increase the number of season ticket holders we have, and last, we need everyone to stay the entire game and root for our Cougars… even if the game is a blowout… in our favor or not. You don’t complain about not being in a larger conference. Root for what we have right now damnit and be appreciative we have the awesome support we do receive and the respect as one of the best non-Power 5 schools this side of Boise.

Also, be proud and wear your red and white throughout the year. Rep the team hard and make our presence felt across the city. If we can do all of this and keep our support for the Coogs strong, and if we can back it up on the field, then those yellow bastards will hopefully stop calling us “Cougar High”…. hopefully we’ll at least have earned “Third Ward University.”

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