Why “Cardiac Coogs”?

It should be obvious to hardcore UH fans why I decided to name this blog “Cardiac Coogs.” Just in case any casual observes are wondering, the name is in reference to the never-ending close games the Houston Cougars football team tends to have leaving their fans in an emotional roller-coaster… hence “Cardiac Coogs.”

Our humble little program seems to have a knack for some thrilling moments. Just a few examples from this past season:

An incredible few plays there in the second quarter vs. BYU.  Since it was an away game, my buddy Felipe and I decided to watch the game at the BW3 in Midtown.  Not everyone in the restaurant was watching the Coogs but those of us in Red and White soon were going wild and screaming after a few plays.  Tough loss but still some good times!

This was one of the toughest losses of the year in a very up-and-down year for the Coogs.  We had UCF, the defending conference champs, on the ropes and [queue the Denny Green voice] we let ’em off the hook!  Starting QB John O’Korn was pulled for poor play and Greg Ward, Jr. took over at QB.  Ward led a valiant effort and nearly pulled out a win for the Coogs but when he was diving for the endzone at the end, a UCF defender knocked the ball out of his hands and out of the back of the endzone.  The call was rules a touchback for UCF.

I remember sitting in the stands thinking it was a touchdown and jumping up and down cheering only to see the UCF players celebrating on the sideline.  Why were they celebrating? Then we saw the replay.  Dang.  Those #CardiacCoogs again!

This incredible run verses Memphis by Greg Ward, Jr. helped cement in everyone’s mind that he is a very special QB and was going to lead the team for the rest of the year.

This last video is of course the Granddaddy of them all.  The all-time greatest comeback in the 4th quarter in college football history.  Let that one sink in a minute.B6ZgUNTIEAIeAr2Absolutely incredible!  We may have lost some head-scratching games (UTSA and Tulane) and not reached our full potential as a team but there’s one thing I have to admit, it sure as hell was entertaining!

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