Talkin bout the Cougars!

Photo from The Daily Cougar

Welcome to!  Whut it dew H-Town?!?  My name is Weston and I graduated from UH in 2008 with a double-major in Marketing and Entrepreneurship.  Being a hardcore Cougar fan I realized there aren’t really any fan blogs out there reppin’ the red and white.  With a new head coach and a new stadium now is as good a time as any to start a Cougar-centric blog.

I’ve been a rabid Cougar football fan since my freshman year in 2004 and lived on campus all four and half years I went to UH.  I remember rounding up my fellow Moody Towers residents to bring them out to tailgate and go to the games.  The Art Briles era was just getting started in ’04 and I’ve been incredibly lucky to witness all of the ups and downs of the past decade.  I can’t wait to find out what the future holds for our school.

I’m not a professional writer or affiliated with the University of Houston in any way.  I’m simply a Cougar season ticket holder who posts every piece of Cougar news on Facebook and Twitter and realized that I needed a blog to share UH-related content with other fans.

Sit back, grab some Goode Company and a Shiner and enjoy the ride!

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